Tru​(​deau) Love! (Extended)

by Maia KK



Three free listens ***This is the extended version (I couldn't stop!) - there is also a shorter, radio-friendly version.

A toe-tapping, sing along, celebratory a cappella song heaping some appreciation on an inspiring, compassionate, progressive, paradigm-shifting leader who is breaking the mould and the status quo, and helping forge a new earth on which we all thrive.

I never imagined in a million years that I would write a song about a politician! I don't choose songs, songs choose me and I can see why this song needed to come into the world.

Is he perfect?
No ... anyone who expects perfection is living on Planet Crazy.
Do I agree with everything he does? Certainly not.
Is he constrained by an antiquated political system and gets judged and hated for things outside of his control?
In spite of that, is he shining through and showing us what is possible for a different paradigm and a greater future for a united humanity?

It blows me away when a politician says, “Business as usual doesn't work, that we're in a time where we have to rethink a lot of the basic ground rules and assumptions of our civilizations” and “We know that peace is possible, and that hope beats fear every single time. We will meet fear and hatred with love and compassion, always.” When I hear this it's like, WOW! … a politician who really gets it! Add to these his approach to equality, diversity and unity, as well as opening Canada's doors to asylum seekers and refugees and I really hope he is inspiring a new generation of politicians to do things differently.

Aside from the obvious appeal of this song anywhere that Mr. Trudeau's supporters gather, my wish is for the song to be uplifting for people everywhere who are so jaded by politics and the predominant focus on all the things that are going wrong. I'll leave it to others to write the songs about everything that needs fixing and stick with my preference to focus on what I see is going right – that uplifts and inspires me! That's why I call my music, 'Music for the aspiring heart of humanity.' (The world could use more of it!)

I may be on the other side of the planet, but it's a small world and we all have an influence or impact on each other. I don't care whether they're left or right or up or down or sideways, I'm happy to praise any politician (or non-politician actually) who I truly believe is making a big contribution to helping us collectively thrive. The main party I'm interested in is the one where we all gather together to celebrate a paradigm shift in politics, and the likes of Mr. Trudeau are leading the way to that new reality.

This song is a cappella (apart from clap sticks and a shaker in parts) with all parts by Maia (11 layers - vocal melody, ba da ba, in between vocals and vocal percussion) with just a little bit of help from fireworks, clapping and hollerin' crowds.


LYRICS (Extended version)

Hey Mr. Trudeau, you rock!

You, you, you are a new
breed, we're glad you've sown a
seed, that's why we love you
Justin Trudeau

True, true, true, we love you (x 3)
Justin Trudeau

May, may, you inspire
Politicians round the world so
we, can, love them like we
Love you Trudeau

We believe in you

True, true, true, we love you (x 3)
Justin Trudeau

'Tru' love, Trudeau love

It's true it's true it's Trudeau
It's true we love you Trudeau (Repeat both lines)

True, it's Trudeau, it's 'tru' love, we love
Justin-wah-eh-oh-wah, wah-eh-oh-wah, wah-eh-oh (x4)

We believe in you
True true true, we believe in you, we do

Can, can, we enthrone you
Can, can, can we clone you
Can the world have a loan of you
Justin Trudeau

Trudeau love

True, true, true we love you (x 3)
Justin Trudeau

A whole, new, earth for me and
you, you, can help it come
true, that's, why we love you
Justin Trudeau

True, true, true we love you (x 3)
Justin Trudeau

You're paving the way for a future that's greater
Paving the way for the ones who come later

It's true it's true it's Trudeau
It's true we love you Trudeau (Repeat both lines)

Tru love, Trudeau love, tru love

Justin-wah-eh-oh-wah, wah-eh-oh-wah, wah-eh-oh

Go, go, go Trudeau
We love it when you go beyond the status quo
Whoo whoo whoo

It's true it's true it's Trudeau (Whoo hoo, go J.T.)
It's true we love you Trudeau (Repeat both lines)

...deau, deau, deau … 'deau' re mi fa so la TRU-DEAU!


released August 26, 2017
Song, lyrics, vocals/vocal percussion and edited by Maia KK
Mixed and mastered by Evangelia Alexaki


all rights reserved



Maia KK Sunshine Coast, Australia

"Truly a gift that enriches all who hear it."

"Has touched me deeply. So mesmerizing."

"A heavenly elixir."

"No words!"

Moving in new directions since her samjjana days, Maia KK* has preserved a selection of her old favourites which sit happily alongside new, quite different songs and collaborations. Such an eclectic mix!

Keep watching this space! :-)

*KK: initials, middle & last names :-)
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