by Maia KK



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This song's intention is hope and encouragement ... not a panacea, of course, and it can't cater for everyone, however, it can be a heartening and sweet contribution to many. Please reach out to family, friends or support services if you are experiencing depression.

This song was, in part, inspired by the Dalai Lama's book, 'The Art of Happiness' - which, incidentally, helped me turn my life around.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE what Bill created instrumentally with this song and then what James added to it before I had the privilege and delight to add vocals! The joy of collaborating with magical muso peeps is off the charts!

The song wouldn't let me go! (lol) I'm so glad! And I have to say, it's my favourite song I've co-created - it has a deep heart connection for me, makes me cry!


There's a sunrise, in the morning
There's a sunrise, in the evening
There's a sunrise every moment of the day
No matter whether cloudy skies or rain
No matter whether storm or hurricane
There's a sunrise, right there for you and me, any time night or day

When we're deep down in the blues
We still get to choose
We just chunk it down, 'peace by piece'
… Till we creep it back up to where we can find the sunrise, on the inside,
And see the sunrise, and be the sunrise, and choose the sunrise

If we're feeling down and remember all the things to be grateful for
Then our inner sun rises and illuminates our life once more
(Sunrise, heartwise, smilin' eyes, joy highs x 2)
Look for what's lighter
Look to what's brighter

Look for the sunrise, it's just a thought away
Choose the sunrise and obliterate the grey
We can create a sunrise in our life, every day

We can find the sunrise right there in our heart
In every moment that we choose a new start
C'mon now, no hesitation
Here's a sunrise invitation
Rise and shine through aspiration
Find new highs in inspiration
Let's all sing this invocation
We can all join this celebration

Sunrise, sun sun sunrise, sunrise
Sunrise, sun sun sun sunrise


released January 1, 2018
Composer, guitar, mandolin - Bill Block
Guitar (nylon stringed) - James Fraser
Vocals, lyrics & vocal arrangement - Maia KK
Mixed by Bill Block & Musicove Productions


all rights reserved



Maia KK Sunshine Coast, Australia

"Truly a gift that enriches all who hear it."

"Has touched me deeply. So mesmerizing."

"A heavenly elixir."

"No words!"

Moving in new directions since her samjjana days, Maia KK* has preserved a selection of her old favourites which sit happily alongside new, quite different songs and collaborations. Such an eclectic mix!

Keep watching this space! :-)

*KK: initials, middle & last names :-)
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